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Let's Join Forces 

to Invent a Better Future

Starting Today!


Candice is available as a speaker, panelist, or MC. 

Popular topics: STEM, Leadership, Innovation, Inventing the Future, Transitioning from Academia to Industry, Women in __ . 


A Collaborative, Enthusiastic Partner who can help plan, develop, & launch your competitive new product


Professional Background 

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For Media/Press & Event Organizers:


Three options are provided to fit the style of your marketing assets.


Download one of the three headshots of available here for media assets involving Candice Landry. 

You are free to shade or change the color to monochrome to fit your collateral branding. Cropping is also okay. 

If additional alterations are needed, send an inquiry to MEDIA [at] 10e5 [dot] com.  

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BIO for Candice Landry (~200 words)

Charged with enthusiasm and curiosity, Candice has always enjoyed the thrill of investigation and the satisfaction of discovery. She is a natural connector who works collaboratively with diligence and candor. Since her start as a scientist, she’s worked at the bench, in the field, and in the boardroom in various industries—from Energy to eSports—to catalyze and shepherd the transformation of ideas into competitive products.  


In 2016, Candice founded 10e5 Solutions, an agency dedicated to inventing a better future, starting today! Her focus is technology management and development. She has expanded 10e5 to also provide IP due diligence and advising for attorneys and investors. Through 10e5, Candice continues to transform ideas into assets.


After earning a BS in Microbiology, she earned a PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology, then an MBA specializing in Management & Finance. Candice is licensed to practice patent law in the United States. She serves on the board of the American Marketing Association and as a Mentor at the UH Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. Candice is also active in several professional organizations and contributes to STEM initiatives in K-12 education.  


When she’s not cultivating ideas, or connecting teams, you will likely find her behind a camera lens, podcasting, or plotting her next king cake recipe.

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