10e5 brings focus, creativity, & discipline to the innovation lifecycle in a way that's aligned with your budget, timeline, and objectives.

We're pros at new technology introduction, technology portfolio strategy, business development, and operations management.

We rely on the combined power of targeted data and creative thinking to help you invest in the ideas, inventions, and products that will provide a return on your technology investment.




Kevin Rice 


Candice Landry



The process of idea generation, invention assessment, patent acquisition and commercialization is an investment of time, money, and talent. It's a long-game that you should be confident you'll see a return on.


That's where we come in.


Cost-Effective Solutions that reduce the risks and costs of inventing and launching innovations-that-win into the competitive landscape. 


We provide a combo of quality, confidentiality, and diligence to get you the information you need to make a well-informed technology investment decision. 

Here's how we work:

We scope out the project, and can usually design a plan at a fixed, flat-rate. We're not looking to inflate your costs. We're here to help stabilize your investment in new product development - as early as the R&D stage.

Most of the work we do qualifies for an R&D tax credit. If you want to know more about this please reach out to us.






10e5 lives at the intersection of science & creativity, right brain & left brain. True product innovation takes both sides working together.



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